War and Beats is a music blog written with the intention of sharing music track by track. It leaves behind the idea that music is heard or purchased the way it’s packaged and embraces this new age of a la carte music consumerism. A wider range of music genre’s and artists from around the globe have found their way to my playlists and here I explore, share and rave about the love I find – one song at a time.



sidetracked…ZELLA DAY – EAST OF EDEN

I hope the rumors I’ve heard about an EP are true for Zella Day. If  new track ‘East of Eden’ or my personal fave ‘1965’ are any indication, it will be incredible.  


With ‘Say Goodnight’ The Blanco’s are proving the quality over quantity rule correct. With an arsenal of only six songs they quickly became the favorite child of my music collection and with this new track, there they will stay. 


London’s Cosmo Sheldrake is a multi disciplinary musician and an artist in every sense of the word. Where the musical landscape  is often filled with more effect than substance, Mr. Sheldrake releases a single The Moss, delivering a playfully sophisticated composition that holds is own alongside classics like Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Take a listen.

Heartless Romantic by The Blancos

There are times when social media reminds me, with a new bit of information or art or music, that it is at it’s best, more than a place for Kanyes and Kardashians. Yesterday as I listened to the track Heartless Romantic by the Blancos I was blown away. The song, released on the EP of the same name, came out on April 21 from what I can gather but frankly darlings, it’s better to come to the party late than not at all.  Particularly this one.

They are New York Hipster meets hip hop. Blues and jazz, soul and rock and roll. Indie this and that. Trying to put this music into a category is a challenge; damn near impossible. I like that. Heartless Romantic begins with mellow piano key notes and goes into a verse that feels very new school R&B – the voice almost John Legend-esque and staccato over steady drums and a looped sample which all ties together beautifully before the chorus breaks in – all kind of rock and roll and jagged edges. Justin Timberlake be damned because these boys bring the sexy back.

To be quite honest, every single track on the six song EP by the Blancos is everything and it’s available to download totally free , which I thought was both awesome and insane being that the music is absolutely top shelf. It leaves you wanting for nothing except more from the Brooklyn based duo, which may have been an intentional play – a little bait for the masses – because I get the impression they have so much more fresh sound to give. And if the music industry knows whats good for them, The Blancos will be a name on everybody’s lips sooner than later.

City of Sin by Linus Young


L.A is never short on up and coming artists of any sort so it’s no surprise that Linus Young, the duo consisting of Iris Belson and Joseph Walker, are from the city of angels. City of Sin, a debut released in 2013 – sans album, is either a gift from god or a deal with the devil but either regardless, the track is killer.

As I listened to the song for the first few times and even as I listen to it now, I hear something that reminds me of Coldplay – not in a copycat way by any means – more organic; an honest connection between the two that echos something lovely in the gene pool. The emotion that’s evoked by the simple guitar riff and the vocals of both artists whose voices almost ache in this song is hauntingly playful, romantic and heartbreaking, black and white.



My Spanish is choppy at best so reading up on Los Wemblers de Iquitos is a bit of a chore. However, when listening to songs like “La Danza del Petrolero”, the cultural barriers and lines are blurred by great sound.


Blake Bastion – London based singer/guitarist (excellent guitarist who takes on and does justice divine to a Jimi Hendrix tune…but I digress) and his track 30 days are playing on my iPod as I leave for a sunny spring walk. The chorus is just beautiful, as his glides from one note to the next – it echoes long after the song is complete.